Voices Through Walls

An Exploration of the Implications of Walls

Walls contribute to the obstruction of voices, and it is difficult to learn about oppression when voices are silenced. Yet voices need to be heard through a wide spectrum of formal and informal communication, including language, artistic and literary expression, documentation and journalism, and more. 

We hope that this Voices Through Walls platform provides the opportunity to break the cycle of oppression and silence and communicate our stories through the walls, both real and virtual, that exist today throughout the world.

We are mainly interested in the consequences of violence and of political and military conflicts, which manifest as historical trauma, causing uncertainty and fear and affecting people’s well-being and interactions with their environments. Many communities have experienced forms of trauma that have become prominent elements of their histories and spatial memories.

To broaden the approach, the Voices Through Walls project aims to collect personal stories of everyday experiences of place, trauma, and uncertainty. We hope that this collection of poems, stories, art, and ideas not only educates, but offers the opportunity for healing by way of communicating our collective experience as human beings.

Stories from the wall