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Welcome to Toxipedia!

A free resource on the science, history, ethics and prevention of exposure to toxic chemicals.

Founded by award-winning toxicologist Dr. Steven Gilbert, Toxipedia envisions a more peaceful, sustainable, clean and safer world for all living beings and eco-systems. This starts with toxicity awareness, accessible solutions, and public dialogue.



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Change is Possible When Science, History & Ethics Meet.


There’s much that can be done today to nurture a safer and healthier world. 

Yet too often, scientific findings stay in labs, ethics don’t evolve into preventative policies, and history gets forgotten.

Toxipedia's blog features Dr. Gilbert's different take on these three important categories. He encourages readers to think critically and strategically about how to bring about toxicity awareness- whether in your private home, through meaningful activism, or by teaching students about toxicology in a holistic, dynamic way.


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How will you connect the dots?


Finding common ground between Ethics, Science and History doesn’t only apply to the topic of toxicity.

It can be applied anywhere there is a need for relevant, effective solutions. The world needs solutions NOW, and never have we had more of the tools necessary to make positive change. It’s just about connecting the dots.